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RivalTide’s Most Anticipated Games of 2012: SSX

Absent for years, EA BIG's snowboarding challenge returns!

The SSX series has always been to snowboarding what the Halo series is to realistic first person shooters: an over the top, exaggerated, fun experience.  It’s one of the few “sports” series that gained almost universal love back in 2000 when the first game released with the PlayStation 2, and the second and third iterations of the title gained some much-earned praise, yet the series has been conspicuously absent in recent years.

The last game seen in the series was SSX Blur back in 2007, a Wii-exclusive title that received the lowest reviews of the bunch, with critics pointing out an extremely high learning curve, and an alteration of the game mechanics that had made learning the title so easy in previous incarnations.  While praise was given for the in-depth motion based controls, the limited release on the Wii also impacted sales, as Sony players were left out for the first time.

Fast forward 5 years to 2012, and SSX is set to regenerate the series by returning the crew of snowboarding masters to slopes based off of real world mountains.  The Alps, Himalayas, and even the Rocky Mountains just a few miles away from me will all feature with tracks that combine the beauty of planet Earth with the antics of any other EA BIG title: over the top, explosive fun.

The game has seen a few delays, but currently it is slated for a release on February 28th, 2012, and will come to you on the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 consoles.  Even for those who don’t enjoy many sports games, SSX may be the title for you to finally set foot in the genre, and enjoy some high-flying action!

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