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Congratulations, I’m Buying Metro: Last Light Used

Metro Last Light

In Soviet Russia, games play you! Hahaha…ha…no. The reason I’m digging up this ancient meme is because I’m going to talk about Metro: Last Light. M:LL is the sequel to Metro 2033, based on the (incredible) book of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The game is a FPS survival horror Game taking place in mostly in the subway system of Moscow twenty years after a nuclear strike forced humans underground. The game was a really unique, with a variety of play strategies. Unlike many other modern FPS or survival horror games, Metro put a lot of focus on creating an engaging atmosphere and triggering the player’s emotions. Even when you’re carrying a machine gun and a stick of dynamite, you still feel vulnerable in this game. While not a smash triple-A hit, the game had a decent, almost cult, following. It had enough fans to warrant the creation of a sequel, which I have been excited for since I found out. That game is coming out this week, and Deep Silver is not getting a cent of my money.

Metro 2033 Ammo

Before I really get into this, let me give you a little history. Metro 2033 was published THQ. The sequel was originally supposed to be published under them too, but after the company filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, the Metro franchise was sold to Deep Silver, who have published Dead Island and Risen 2, among other games. Now why is it that I’m making the decision to purposely not buy this game new? It’s my old nemesis, abusive DLC. The Ranger Mode (very hard mode) for the game has been cut out of the game. If you want it, you either need to pre-order the game in the next couple of days or pay an extra $5 (£4) on top of the $60 (£39) you dropped on the game. I hope you all see what’s wrong here.


Pre-order bonuses and DLC have been pretty tricky lately. A lot of games will give out bonuses to encourage people to buy the game early or to upgrade to a package with all kinds of goodies. The bonuses are usually trivial, things like character skins or downloadable comics. I don’t have a problem with that. My experience really isn’t changed by that. But the Ranger Mode is no character skin. What I do have a problem with is withholding content and then selling it back to us. This is the kind of business practice that will really hurt the integrity of the gaming industry. If I’m paying full price, I should have a full game. When you take away an entire difficulty mode, you’re crossing the line. Did I mention that according to the site, Ranger Mode “The way it was meant to be played”? Even when this game’s price goes down, I’m still not going to buy it new. The more money Deep Silver makes, the more likely it is that their future games will use this strategy. I know this is a risky move, since low sales could possibly put the franchise or studio in danger, but there’s really no other thing for me to do than to vote with my wallet. I hope that Deep Silver will see the backlash and release Ranger Mode for free. Until next time, comrades.


You’re absolutely right, please, buy the game preowned for the possibility of them not making more.
I understand where you’re coming from. This is kind of like an online pass, except this is only for the first runs of the game with the limited edition.
From the developers standpoint, they feel that the people that are going to play this game on Ranger mode are going to be the hardcore fans that enjoyed the mode from the first game, and those will be the fans that preorder the game and are excited for it’s release. Preorder incentives are required by retail, and sure, maybe they picked a bad thing to bundle with the game.
Personally, I would like to see more of these smaller, more immersive games be made. This isn’t one of those annual games like CoD or assassin’s creed, which I have no problem buying preowned. This is going to be a game that a lot of people buy preowned which breaks my heart given the amount of publishers closing doors or going bankrupt lately. I was very sad that the Kingdoms of Amalur dev had to shut down because that was one of my favorites of last year.
To get to my point, developers are going to be developers and at some point you just have to suck it up and play by their rules since they are the ones making the games. I understand your frustration, but I’d rather see more great games made than complain about whether or not I need to stop by my local game store and spend five minutes preordering a game in order to get FREE stuff anyway.

I put the following on your N4G link, but then realized it would be better suited here:

Before you penalize the developers of this game for a publisher action, do a little bit of research. Call your local game retailer if you must. The Ranger mode is NOT DLC! It’s already included on the disc.

Deep Silver packaged this game like EA normally does. If you walk into a store tomorrow (or whenever it releases in your market) and ask for the game brand new, you’ll get the Ranger mode. It is included on ALL first runs of the game. If you wait a few weeks/months, it will stop being included.

Look at most high profile EA releases (BF3, Dead Space 3, Medal of Honor, etc.). The first runs of those games were called “Limited Edition”, even though you weren’t paying anymore. It was just to encourage people to buy it day one (or pre-order).

So buy the game Day 1, encouraging A4 to make more entries in this franchise that you’ve stated you enjoy. If you buy pre-owned, you’re simply funding a retailer.

    I decided a long time ago not to buy any EA games out of principle. What I don’t want to do is support the publisher, who will look at the sales as justification for stripping content in the future. If they decide to cut out the franchise or developers, it can still recover one day. With all the backlash online, we may be able to convince that the reason sales numbers are low is Ranger Mode. It’s not perfect, but it’s the only way we can let publishers know that we won’t stand for this.

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