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Feudalism 3 [Exclusive to Mytide]

Millions of people across the globe have played the great flash game, Feudalism 2. For the past 16 or so months Vitaly and his team have been working furiously to get Feudalism 3 out to the fans.  I myself have played the early version and I must say I am very impressed. The art hasn’t just been improved, it’s been totally reworked to give a more modern and fresh look. The graphics now are absolutely stunning and Vitaly told me what I was seeing wasn’t even complete. The units have been revamped and have a much better design. Instead of looking pixelated and retro, now they have a spritely look to them. The biggest change to the game for me is the new weapons and magic. You can now have units that can perform powerful new spells. Before in F2 your hero dying was the cause of mouse breaking and sadness, those times have past as your army will fight on and priests will attempt to resurrect you once more. But don’t be thinking its to easy now, they can have priests to! As for guns, Vitaly has gone for the World War type look. With old rifles and SMG’s. Units also wear similar attire. Making the game very interesting.

 The old character selection included a very basic creator on which you could edit your characters weapons, race and skills/spells. However this too has been completely reworked. You can now chose hair colour/style ect. As well as being able to choose from 9 unique classes. However classes are limited to the three different countries. If you choose the Crimson Empire you have the choice of Blade masters (melee based), Officers (gun/SMG based) and Necromancers (spell and summoning based). The Red Order have a choice of Paladins (melee and tank based), Defenders (Good All-rounder) and Wizards (Combat magic/buffs based). Finally there’s the Sun Kingdom who have a choice of Samurais (melee based), Mercenary (gun/rifle based) and Druids (defence/control magic based). This add’s allot of variety to the game as each unit usually has 2 different weapons to start off with, giving you an extra choice.

 The games combat has also been changed. Before you were limited to the screen you could see. Now however the screen scrolls as you move to the other side making the map much bigger, the hero is also controlled in a much neater way as well. Instead of using WASD the game now uses the mouse to the hero and 1-9 for the hero’s spells. This not only makes it easier for old players but much easier to learn for new ones. It’s always good to see a developer looking out for the fans. Especially when it comes to controls as they can be the downfall of massive games. The control for the unit’s hasn’t changed much apart from there A.I. The units now act like soldiers instead of excited little ants. So the melee units will actually tank damage while ranged units support them. This as well as mage’s and spells opens up whole new tactics to try and defeat the enemy.

 Another big change to the game is story line and dialogue. At the moment the story is still in development but dialogue is fully working. At the start of the current game your leader walks over to you and gives you some commands to get an army and take back various cities from the attackers grasp. You can talk back to him to ask questions about what do ect. Once again making the game very friendly towards new and old players learning to play the new type of game format.

 No game is complete without giant killer spiders, everyone knows that. That’s why F3 will have many monsters to kill for some extra money or even some rare loot. These are given out as quests from various cities and location by talking to people. As well as the addition of monsters, there’s also been a few things take away. As I earlier mentioned the six countries present in F2 have been reduced to a mere three in F3. You might be thinking that this will make for a short game right? Well think again. This time when playing the game your country is in the midst of a gigantic war with the other two countries. But yours isn’t exactly doing so well. When you start the game most of the cities are under attack and require immediate reinforcements. You’re very limited to the starting area and low level units. Because of this, unlike the old game, you can’t just buy the best armour in the game after a few quests as enemy cities are hostile and your capital is under threat. This not only makes the game more challenging, but balances allot of the issues in F2 where you could easily complete the game.

 That’s all for now, however we may have a video in a couple of weeks. For now keep checking back as we slowly update this and put up our interview with Vitaly himself.


this game looks excellent, i have a suggestion maybe there could be builders at the start most will be locked but they can build towers which units can go on giving a advantage and other buildings e.g wall and will there be siege weapons and last thing when will this game out

Also it would be epc rarely if you defeat a animal the person can ride that animal boosting speed and attack

And can u guys make it so when u move u just dont keep going that way and cant change py pressing left that happend to me in both feudalisms so i cant play

Shame, I really enjoyed using the WASD and Spacebar, that made it different to other games of this type, I was actually controlling the hero instead of just clicking and watching, I guess it feels a bit more exhilarating(?) to move and attack, instead of clicking and auto-attacking, hopefully there’s an option to change the controls.

Any word on how this project is going?

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